Get to Know the Bands of SF Offside – Secret Sidewalk

Secret Sidewalk will open SF Offside’s third and final night of programming on May 26th at Viracocha. Originally started as a live electronic beat band by Mike Boo, Alex “Pu22l3” Abalos, and Asonic Garcia, Secret Sidewalk organically transformed into a Bay Area Voltron when joined with the amazing musicianship and likeminded experimentation of saxophonist Marcus Stephens and drummer Mike Reed. Get to know the genre-bending group, Secret Sidewalk.

SFOFest – Tell us about your first gig.

SS – The first gig as a trio was 4/20/10 at Som Bar for Change the Beat, a monthly presented by Mophno. The first gig for the full quintet took place at Coda’s Slumpnight. The night was hosted by Aspect McCarthy. No one in the band remembers the date but fun was had and faces were potentially melted.

SFOFest – If you could open for any band, past or present, who would it be?

Our dream opening slot would be for either Portishead, MF Doom, or Stark Reality.  If none of those acts were free, we’d settle for a spot opening for one of Herbie Hancock’s electric bands.

SFOFest – If you’re on the road, who’s the driver, who’s the chef, who’s late leaving in the morning, who loses their cell phone etc?

SS – When we’re on the road, Mike Boo is the driver, Asonic is the chef, Mike Reed is the baker, Alex (Pu22le) is too busy to do anything because he’s building a new cell phone, and Marcus throws amplifiers.

SFOFest – What’s one thing you’re looking forward to about the SF Offside Festival?

SS – We look forward to raising eyebrows and tilting heads at the Offside Festival.

SFOFest – Describe your band’s music in 15 words or less.

SS – Our music is from the BAY!  Electro-acoustic music by and for people
with eclectic tastes.

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