Get to Know the Bands of SF Offside – These Are Our Hours

These Are Our Hours will be headlining the May 24th SF Offside performance at El Valenciano.  Featuring Aram Shelton on alto saxophone, Theo Padouvas on trumpet, Mark Clifford on vibraphone, Kim Cass on bass, and Sam Ospovat on drums, TAOH explores a myriad of concepts grounded in jazz and free improvisation. Get to know more about this dynamic group which will be making its debut performance at SF Offside.

SFOFest – Tell us about your first gig.

Aram Shelton – This’ll be our first gig – but we’ve all been members of the Oakland Active Orchestra, which had it’s first show in October of 2009 at the Uptown in Oakland. That was the first of a string of 12 straight monthly shows where each member was invited to bring in pieces. The original lineup had me, Tom Djll, Darren Johnston, Aaron Bennet, Philip Greenlief, Cory Wright, Rob Ewing, Marielle Jakobsons, Kristian Aspelin, Lisa Mezzacappa, Damon Smith, Jordan Glenn and Weasel Walter.

SFOFest – If you could open for any band, past or present, who would it be?

AS – I’d like to share a bill with the Norwegian/Swedish powerhouse band Atomic. Fantastic creative jazz music with strong writing and excellent players.

SFOFest – If you’re on the road, who’s the driver, who’s the chef, who’s late leaving in the morning, who loses their cell phone etc?

AS – We need to get on the road! Once we do Theo will drive us on his motorcycle, and Sam will be late, because he’s wandering off to check something out, Mark’s bringing gelato for everyone, and I’m stressed about getting to the show on time….

SFOFest – What’s one thing you’re looking forward to about the SF Offside Festival?

AS –  Really looking forward to trying out some new ideas at the SF Offside Festival – and glad that there will be three nights of music showing the diversity of the scene out here in the bay.

SFOFest – Describe your band’s music in 15 words or less.

AS – Creative avant jazz music with the classic lineup of saxophone, trumpet, vibraphone, bass, and drums.

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