Get to Know the Bands of SF Offside – Klaxon Mutant Jazz All Stars

The Klaxon Mutant Jazz All Stars features some the Bay Area’s finest and most versatile musicians. Henry Hung, trumpet, and Kasey Knudsen, saxophone, make up the front line, while Eric Garland, drums, George Ban Weiss, bass, and Colin Hogan, keyboard, round out the rhythm section. The Klaxon Mutant Jazz All Stars perform on Saturday, May 26th at a soon to be announced secret location. Their ambition is sky high and one day, they may change the world of popular music as we know it.

SFOFest – Tell us about your first gig.

KMJAS – We were young schoolmates in Liverpool, just a bunch of pals playing music, got a gig in Hamburg for a couple of months playing 8 hours a day, then came back to England, hooked up with a great producer, came to the States and became huge stars…wait..

SFOFest – If you could open for any band, past or present, who/whom would it would be?

KMJAS –  Kneebody. Deerhoof. And the obvious- Miles 60s-70s. Coltrane quartet.

SFOFest – If you’re on the road, who’s the driver, who’s the chef, who’s late leaving in the morning, who loses their cell phone etc?

KMJAS – If we’re on the road, Eric is playing trumpet, Kasey the keys (K for keys, get it?), George plays the sax, Henry plays the bass cause everyone loves a short bass player, and Colin plays the drums. Wait, Colin already plays drums, so he plays the bass… oops he does that as well. Colin plays nothing cause he can double on everything….

SFOFest – What’s one thing you’re looking forward to about the SF Offside Festival?

KMJAS – Knowing where the heck we’re playing on Saturday!

SFOFest – Describe your band’s music in 15 words or less.

KMJAS –  Swimming in joy.

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